45 – A tribute to Daniel Hansson

Jag känner kände ju honom egentligen knappt alls, men för lite mindre än ett år sen hade jag någon slags anställningsintervju med honom, på mobilen. Vi satt och pratade ljud och syntar i timmar, matematik och dsp i mun på varandra, deklamerade våra trosbekännelser och fnös för oss själva bland flosklerna.

Jag fick dock inte jobbet.

Dear Elektron Friend,

After the tragic passing of Elektron co-founder Daniel Hansson, a
compilation of music featuring the instruments he helped creating has
seen the light of day.

“45 – A tribute to Daniel Hansson” features unreleased tracks from
30 artists, some of them very well known to the public. The compilation
is an initiative coming completely from the Elektron-users web community
and we at Elektron are very moved by this. We really have the best user
base one can imagine.

When buying a copy of the compilation there is also an opportunity to
win a quite special prize. What it consists of we won’t tell you here,
but we can assure you that it belongs to the once-in-a-life-time category.

All the proceeds from the compilation will go directly to the World
Wildlife Fund as environmental causes were close to Daniel’s heart.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists who submitted tracks – but maybe
most of all to Ryan Faubion. He is the one who made the compilation
possible. Thank you!

Visit: http://www.45tribute.com/

The Elektron Team


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